About Gardenia Park

Gardenia Park is an exclusive, all-villa compound situated in sixth of October city, designed and brought to reality to offer a quality lifestyle in a safe environment, with the most convenient facilities, among a very well selected community and a friendly atmosphere.

The two development firms responsible for the actualization of Gardenia Park are Intours, specialized in resort development , is the owning and developing company, and Ginza, the construction arm of IGI, is the contractor for the project.

To actualize a vision of a quality life, a comprehensive team was assembled. Gardenia Park’s design and planning was developed by joint venture with Peridian/CYP of Irvine, California. Also, as part of the Gardenia Park equation, is Dar El Handasah (one of the top ten worldwide consultancy firms), providing detailed designs and working drawings. Finally, Sabbour Associates, the foremost successful Egyptian firm of construction management to supervise the actual building .

Gardenia Park proposes the pleasure of an exceptional home surrounded by greenery, peace, and privacy, complemented by facilities to insure the health and happiness of your family, a master-planned community, gated and security conscious, a centralized recreational area, also 5 neighborhood recreation areas.

With every consideration for your everyday need and convenience, Gardenia Park provides a shopping center for the exclusive use of its residents.

The archietechtural style of Gardenia Park is California-adapted incorporating loal materials such as granite, limestone, and marble. You may choose from fifteen different floor plans. Each floor plan offers two choices of façade treatments to guarantee the unique air for each home, and a diverse aspect for the community as a whole. The highest standards of construction and finishing are employed, and provisions have been made for maintenance of the community.