Location Of Gardenia Park

Gardenia Park is privileged with its prime location in the Sixth of October City. A city which is well developed on the basis of a comprehensive plan, providing ample infrastructure , excellent access to the city center in a less than 30 minutes drive time, and a pollution free environment accompanied by a slightly cooler climate due to its elevation from sea level by 180 m.

The city is divided into different areas
The touristic area, the residential area (with its different levels), and the industrial area.

Gardenia Park lies within the touristic area which stipulates that only villas could be built in it, guaranteeing that not less that half of the area will be dedicated to greenery and open areas.

Being a highly developed city, it includes language schools, universities, and hospitals with a special highlight on the largest cardiac center in the middle east-Dar Al Fouad, and the huge media city which are considered to be the landmarks distinguishing the 6th of October from other newly developed cities.